TFB Hitakassi GN 1/1 Boxer 42 ltr.

Stærð: 290 x 395 x 595mm ( HxBxD ) 

The BOXER transport and insulation box for logistical masterpieces! Ideal pack size (1/4 EUR pallet), can be combined and easily stacked with standard stacking boxes (Euronorm 2 or bakery boxes). Inside also suitable for Gastronorm 1/1 containers, which can be perfectly insulated and transported. The volume of this thermal box is 42 l.

It consists of break-resistant EPP and insulates the food and drinks from -40° to +120 °C. The THERMO FUTURE BOX BOXER is also dishwasher safe and hygienic.

The price alternative with external dimensions of 60 x 40 cm!
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Verð: 9.796 kr.

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